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LCWR 2018: in Communion and Grace

A Blessing Filled Send Off

The heat is on…

Jubilee 2018:  In Gratitude and Joy

DHS in Latin America

Sr. Imelda Enters Life Everlasting

Sr. Anita Lambert Will Celebrate her Jubilee in Heaven

DHS on the Road Again...Refreshed

A Shared Reflection at Pentecost

The Broadening of my DHS Experience

Rotary Club Partners With DHS for Women's Center

Hermana María Rests in Her Lord

DHS Share Happenings in Wllimanic

Associate Retreat and Covenant Ceremony

Musings of a DHS on her Ministry's 'special journeys'

An Easter Blessing From Our DHS Family To Yours

Winter 2018 Reality

Requiescat in pace, Sister Yvonne

Sister Annette Beauregard goes home for Easter

Collaborating for a More Equitable World

Praying With Taize

DHS in Quest of ‘Life To The Full’ For Immigrants

Sharing a Mid Lenten Reflection

DHS Corporate Stances Revisited

DHS help children explore their options in life   


Two DHS Take Their Show on the Road

DHS Celebrate Consecrated Life 

The DHS Commitment to Education Lives On

Mid Winter Afternoon at the PH

Sisters Enjoy Moving Back into the Future 

World Day of Peace   

Reality Summer 2017

From Putnam to L'ile Blanche - Province Assembly

Sr. Edna Caouette Enters Eternal Life

DHS and Alumni Gather and Celebrate

DHS Unite with Neighbors for Peace

In Memoriam: Sr. Rita Marie Quintal, DHS

US Provincial Team Goes International

A Taste of DHS Internationality

Stepping Back in Musical Times at SJLC

Our Congregation Grows Under Government Opposition

Our DHS Associates in Action

In Memoriam: Sr. Suzanne Roy, DHS

A Visit to Help her People

Our Extended Family Picnic    

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One Hundred and Still Dancing

Closing Ceremony of the ‘Marie Balavenne Year

Jubilee 2017 

The Transforming Wind of the Spirit

When in Doubt...Make the Call

Here to Stay

Early History of the Congregation -  part 3

DHS Take Water Seriously

A Ministry of Service to Multi-Generational Groups

Reality Winter 2017

And the PH Quiz Winners are...

St. Joseph’s Supper at Provincial House raises over $350

Easter 2017 - Alleluia

Our Lenten Journey Continues

Rendering Service – a Way of Life

St. Jude’s Kids Profit from Retired DHS Project

Lent 2017: You are Cordially Invited....

DHS Community Connects with Tanzania

Early History of the  Congregation

Lent 2017: A Journey Towards Inner Conversion

A Winter Afternoon in  Cameroon

Reconcilliation: Building Bridges by Living the Christ Message

DHS “Walk Justly With Our God” and Millions of Others

Vocation Posters at the Provincial House

Sr. Marie Gabrielle rests in her Lord

Congratulations and a Warm Welcome

DHS Multicultural Ministry Experience

DHS Involvement in Refugee Resettlement Continues

A Papal Blessing for her 100th Birthday

Associates Sponsor Retro Music

Our Province Welcomes our Newest Member

Director's Circle 2016

Partnership Circle 2016

With Rousing Retirement Wishes

Jesus - Light of the World

Sharing an Advent Reflection

Newport St. Clares': From 1909 to Model for the Future of Nursing Homes

Holy Spirit Spotted on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Veterans Day at our Provincial House

Sr. Rita St. Onge (Rita de la Croix) Enters Eternal Life

DHS Associates Journey Through History

Our Province at a Glance: 114 Years

Province Day 2016

DHS Make Music with Residents at SJLC

And Forever the Twain Shall Meet

Reality Summer 2016

International Day of Peace

Sr. Pat Moons, DHS enters life eternal

Remembering Sr. Annette Farley, DHS

St. Joseph Community Hosts its First DHS Gathering

Sister Carmen Carbonneau (Anna Maria), DHS, Enters Life Eternal

DHS Honor the Past and Celebrate Bonds

World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation

Fostering Unity and Freedom in the Spirit

The African Mass: An Experience of Love

An Open Invitation

22 DHS Leave For A New Mission

Video: A Visit with Marie Balavenne

Sr. Thérèse Massé (Louis Daniel) Enters Life Eternal

DHS Associates International Leadership Meeting

PCA Annual Alumni Reunion

2016 Jubilee Celebration

Sharing a Missionary’s Journey

The Celebration Continues

National Nursing Home Week Celebration

Clean Air Now!

Pentecost Reflection

Praying with Marie Balavenne

Led by the Spirit

Family Assembly 2016

U.S. Province Launches Year of Marie Balavenne

100th Birthday Celebration

DHS Reality, Winter 2016


Sr. Flore Trudeau (Helene De St. Joseph), DHS enters life eternal

Sr. Jeannette Levesque, DHS enters life eternal

Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program

Lenten Reflection

Sr. Priscilla Paradis, DHS enters life eternal

A Mutual Recognition Moment

Integrating Mercy into our Lenten Practice

The DHS Ongoing Support for Catholic Schools

DHS Join in Diocesan Celebration of Consecrated Life

Province History Part VI

Seeking Justice for All

Sister Carla Hopkins, DHS Enters Life Eternal

Sr. Constance Charette, DHS enters life eternal

A Community Oriented December Weekend

Christmas Greetings from our Provincial

Waiting for the Light

DHS Reconnect to Alabama Mission

A Transition in Progress

Preparing for Christmas with the DHS

Join us in Giving Thanks

DHS Reality Summer 2015

DHS Associates Focus on Non-Violence

Province Day 2015

History of the US Province  Part V

DHS Honored by Leominster Parish

Reunited…and it feels so good

Statue Restoration

The Spirit of Taizé Imbues the Community

Joint Effort to Help Immigrants

Red Carpet Event at PH

History of the US Province  Part 4

DHS Event Invitations

DHS Associate Raffle 2015

Early August at the Dam

Corn Shucking Party

History of the US Province of the DHS part 3

PCA Reunion Invitation

DHS Celebrate Chaplain and Friend

DHS 2015 Jubilee Celebration

"We've got that joy . . . joy . . . joy . . ."

Pentecost 2015: Spirit-driven people

Celebrating “US”  Week at the PH

Sharing the History of the US Province of the DHS, Part 2

Sharing the History of the US Province of the DHS

Putnam Province Celebrates Closing of Canonical Visitation

A DHS Community’s Focus on ‘Family’

DHS 1909 Project Thrives and Expands

Standing with Others to make a Difference

Caring for Creation

Meet the Daughters on U Tube

Winter Reality

We Journey on to the Light of Easter

Lenten Reflections

Say hello to Jennifer Davis Carey, DHS Associate

An Interfaith Project for our Earth

Centenarian Celebration

World Day of Consecrated Life

Justice Committee “Selfie”

Resident Council Forms a Circle

Flashback:  “It still feels the same”

We Are One Family Under God

A Regal Little Christmas

Christmas 2014

At rest in the Lord

It still feels the same

Make Straight The Way

Christmas Sharing

An Invitation to Joy

Home to her Lord

Free in the Lord

"Humanitarian Aid is Never a Crime"

We Give Thanks

Home to her Lord

Thank You Holy Spirit!

East Coast Associates Annual Meeting

Welcome to the Inland Empire!

Sister's Favorite Prayer

Alums Reconnect Again for the First Time

The Spirit Will Speak to You

Called Home at 102

PCA Alums Gather and Celebrate

A Family Tradition Shared with the DHS

Marianapolis Prep School helps DHS

A Special Visit

A Summer Evening on the River Quiz Answer

A Summer Evening on the River

Faithful Friends

Putnam Catholic Academy Reunion Reminder

Called to Serve

Provincial House Welcomes New Coordinator, Assistants

Reliving 11 Formative Years

Missionary to Africa meets Missionary to US

Thank You, Sister Paulette

Jubilee 2014

Sister Bernice King (Rose Bernice)

Immigration Reform

A Time to Remember

Echoes from the General Chapter

National Catholic Sisters Week Celebrates Religious Life

Celebration of Definitive Commitment

Called home at 102 + 2 days

A Unique Ministry

Anticipating Mardi Gras at the PH



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