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Dr. Françoise G. Gauthier


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Dearest on line friends,

I need not remind anyone, especially those of you in New England, that summer is here in full force reminding all of us of our childhood days and the freedom the word summer created in our whole psyche. As adults, we see that whole phenomenon in a different light and yet we all long for particular moments from those days of yore.

As you can read in our summer edition of our REALITY newsletter, the DHS extended family has been doing loads of reminiscing and reconnecting. How awesome is that!  There is something to be said about looking to the past, sorting through the good, the bad and the indifferent and then using all of it to move forward in love and in renewed motivation.

The Sisters, the Consecrated Seculars, the Associates and many of our former Sisters have all managed to stay busy, to reach out to one another and to seek a multitude of ways to advance together in praise of the Spirit who continues to weave us into one masterpiece, one stitch at a time. 

Thanks to all of you who spend time visiting our site, sharing your comments with us and looking for ways of connecting or staying connected with us. Growth hinges on our creativity coming together and pushing us positively in new directions or helping us enter more deeply in the directions we have been following for a long time.

As noted in our newsletter, which, by the way, you are free to copy and share with family and friends, our fall activities will include school alumni reunions, the celebration of our 100th anniversary of presence in the Provincial House in Putnam, and a Tim Janis concert in early December setting the tone for holiday celebrations. At some point as well we plan to hold a Taizé prayer event open to all.  Details will be posted on line as plans firm up. In addition, you are always invited to come visit us at the PH.  We simply ask you notify us whenever you have a date in mind. You are welcome to enjoy our lovely setting and spend time relaxing and praying at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. We do look forward to meeting and greeting you personally.

I would welcome your e mailed comments to our newsletter and to our 2017 annual drive. We succeed because you are the shakers and the movers.  For that we are extremely grateful and invite your ongoing support in any and all ways possible. We all realize that our Sisters have worked hard over the years to assist thousands of children and adults in a myriad of ways, and now we count on You to help these same Sisters as the years cause them to reduce their activities, increase their health needs and offer them more time to bring You to their Lord’s table and give thanks for your ongoing love and care.

Enjoy summer! Relax, stay tuned to our web site to keep informed of our goings on and drop us a line or two to let us know how you are doing. God bless and keep you ever young and full of the spirit of new life and high energy.

In that same Spirit I anticipate your news and welcome your input,

Françoise G. Gauthier, PhD
Director Development/Advancement
DHS USA      (

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