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Associates BannerDHS Associates live our mission in sometimes surprising ways. Associate Carl Estrella shares his story . . .

We may take for granted the many ministries we do. One aspect of the DHS that attracted me was that it was Spirit led and that our involvement with the community, by way of our work, play, prayer, and the people we come in contact with, is part of our ministry. If you think of it, each of us has a number of “ministries” that we are involved with all give us opportunities to further the “Good News” and to grow our relationship with God.

I’ve been blessed by being involved with the Merced County Search and Rescue unit. At first, it was a replacement for my yearning for the outdoors and hiking that I was once involved with in Scouting when my boys were growing up. As time went on, and I participated in the trainings and searches, I realized that this was another way that God encourages us to reach out and help others. Finding someone alive who was lost, hungry, and cold was not only a good feeling but it also helped me to realize that we all need one another in our lives because we all experience some form of being lost, hungry, or cold.

As time went on, I eventually became involved with search dog training and now I participate as a dog team for search and rescue. To see another of God’s creatures working with me as a unit for the purpose of finding lost people, dead or alive, brings an entirely different level to serving God’s creation.

I am beginning to learn that being aware of the many blessings that God bestows on us and those we come in contact with in our everyday interests, activities, and hobbies, allows us to grow closer to God, through the Spirit, that leads us to serve and interact with others. I’m sure if you also looked at the many “ministries” you may be involved with, you too will feel a sense of closeness to God through the people you come in contact with and touch.

Carl Estrella, Merced, CA


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