A Time to Remember

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3: 1

Our recent Information day was both a time to remember and a time to look forward. Working in small groups, we looked at significant memories in our lives:  birth of siblings, the first day of school, family holidays.  We moved from childhood into young adulthood as we shared what led us to become Daughters of the Holy Spirit, novitiate experiences, early assignments, stories often punctuated by laughter.  We traveled through the dark valleys:  the death of parents and family members, our own aging and the frailties it brings, bidding farewell to well-known and loved ministries and taking on something new, facing illness and loneliness and letting go of the past so that we might become something new..  Finally, we spoke of the many gratitudes in our lives:  love of family, support and care of our Sisters in community, deep and lasting friendships, knowing that we are in the hands of a loving God.  We brought the day to a close with a ritual of blessing and letting go as we move together into the future.

A high point of the day was a sharing on "what makes us Daughters of the Holy Spirit."  Responses included:

  • Our call from the Spirit to bring the tender love of God to the world
  • Our unity and togetherness in the Spirit
  • Our love of the Spirit God and our call to respond to that love
  • Openness to the Spirit
  • Our devotion to the Trinity
  • Devotion to Mary, our model and guide
  • Our simplicity and openness to the people we serve
  • Our vows and our call to live community
  • Our sense of togetherness--our unity in diversity

We are truly women listening to the Spirit together!

Pat Moons, DHS




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