Missionary to Africa meets Missionary to US


Priest and SisterWhat common thread is there between the state of Maine in the northeastern corner of the United States of America, Nigeria in the western part of the African continent and Putnam, Connecticut?

For our immediate purposes part of the answer is that Putnam became a point of rendezvous between Jeannine Légère, DHS and Innocent Okozi, SMA ,for a short period of time in mid June.

sistersSr. Jeannine, a native of Connecticut, has been a missionary in Nigeria for a number of years and is currently home for a few weeks of vacation before returning to Nigeria where she ministers on the Formation Team. The Reverend Innocent, a native of Nigeria, has been a missionary in the United States, more precisely in the state of Maine, for several years as well. They met for the first time when Innocent’s sister Anne, a Daughter of the Holy Spirit in Nigeria, professed her definitive vows under the accompaniment of Sr. Jeannine  in Nigeria a few years back. 

sistersLearning of Jeannine’s presence in the US, the Reverend Father made the 5 hour trip from central Maine where he is pastor of a parish in Bridgton, to the Provincial House in Putnam, Sister’s springboard “home” while on vacation. The two missionaries were elated to spend even this short time together, remembering, catching up and looking towards the future.

The photos show our two dedicated missionaries enjoying their visit and Sister Jeannine sharing some of her Nigerian experiences with the Sisters at the Provincial House.

sistersFor more information on the DHS Nigerian missions, you may contact Sr. Jeannine at legerjml@yahoo.com




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