A Summer Evening on the River


riverfireFrom the elevated point on which it is nestled the Provincial House in Putnam overlooks the Quinebaug River at the point where it crossed the town between two waterfalls. Home to a wide variety of wild ducks and stocked with several species of fish, the River is a landmark in the area and the park that occupies its banks is an attraction to young and old all year long. Three times each summer Gary Osbrey, owner of the local WINY radio station and Willie Bousquet, head of Putnam’s recreation department and PCA graduate, join their expertise to present a ‘river fire’ experience on the Quinebaug. As evening shadows fall, multiple fires are lit on small island-like plots scattered over the middle section of the river and Gary O’ and his wife Karen provide music specially selected to delight and offer relaxation and a kindred feeling Sistersto the hundreds of attendees who may be strolling through the park, standing on the bridge or sitting comfortably along the riverbanks. This event is a true community activity in which the Daughters of the Holy Spirit feel right at home sharing, whether they do so from their windows or the front lawn of the PH. The August ‘river fire’ coincided with the astronomical phenomenon of the ‘super moon’ which enhanced the overall effect of this audio-visual peak moment. Several Daughters from the Putnam and Danielson areas arrived early enough to claim ring-side seats on the bridge offering them an unobstructed view of the glowing flames. To celebrate and acknowledge the positive experience and denote the joy of being a part of the local community, Sr. Lesley blew a plethora of environmentally safe bubbles over the river and all Sistersaround. Many friends and acquaintances of the Sisters stopped by to chat and to tell stories of days of yore in the classrooms of St. Mary School, PCA and Annhurst College. Bravo to the organizers of this event that afforded the Sisters the opportunity for camaraderie and just plain old fashioned relaxation.

SistersCan you guess what the group of Sisters in the last photo is doing?  Let us know what you think by contacting us at devofdhs@yahoo.com.  If you are correct, you will receive special acknowledgement and a surprise gift. Let us hear from you before August 31st.


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