A Family Tradition Shared with the DHS

Very recently Sister Connie Charette, Team leader of the 3 member coordinating group at the Provincial House in Putnam, had the delightful and rare occasion of chatting with 4 women from the same family who have worked at the service of the Sisters of the PH Community in varying capacities over the years.

It all began when daughter Suzon signed on as an overnight nurse on the second floor of our facility. Noticing the need for extra helping hands on different shifts, she recruited her mom, Jackie, who had been employed for some 20 years as a CNA at the local hospital of Day Kimball. Mrs. Beaudoin joined the Holy Spirit Health Care Center as a per diem nursing assistant and filled that role faithfully and consistently from 2005-2007. Although she is now in theory retired, Jackie still makes an appearance every now and then. She makes it a point to attend Sunday Mass with the Sisters at the Provincial House Chapel and says with a smile, “the first thing I do is look around the chapel to see how everyone is. If there’s a sister missing, I want to know where she is, how she is.” Then, looking at Connie straight in the eye adds, “I pray for all of you whenever I come to Mass.”

Another daughter, Robin, is also currently employed as a certified nursing assistant at the service of the sisters of the 2nd and 3rd floors. She is well-versed in her profession and that is perhaps due in part to some coaching and encouragement from her mom and Suzon.

The fourth and youngest member of Jackie’s family to carry on the tradition of service to the Sisters at the PH is grand daughter Amanda who is a member of the dietary staff/cook at the PH doing her utmost to provide healthy meals and cut down on Suzon and Robin’s work loads.

boudin familyThe three generations are shown in the photo.  Left to right front row:  Jackie and daughter Robin; back row: daughter Suzon and granddaughter Amanda.

The Sisters are sincerely grateful for the love and care offered to them by these four women, and they too pray for them whenever they see them. Long live such beautiful and impressive family traditions that strengthen bonds and reflect a unity in diversity that is willingly shared.



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