Sister Gilberte A few months ago a request came from the S.O.A.R. (Support our Aging Religious) philanthropic group to share with them the favorite prayer of one of our elderly Sisters at the Provincial House in Putnam.

Recalling a conversation I had had with Sister Gilberte Désilets when preparing her 101st birthday a year earlier, I immediately went to her to ask if she would be in favor of publishing her favorite prayer. The reaction was instantaneous, and Gilberte exclaimed she would be excited to do that and hoped many would be inspired by it. She then went on to explain how she had prayed these words (in French) each night before going to sleep since she was an adolescent and that she sincerely believed that Mary stopped whatever she was doing to listen to her trusting daughter each evening. 

It is indeed a fitting tribute to Sister Gilberte who now enjoys the eternal presence of Mary and her Son Jesus in the unity of the Father and the Spirit, to share with all of you this short and meaningful favorite prayer.


O Virgin Mary, it is getting late.
Everything on earth is falling asleep.
It is time to rest.
Do not abandon me.
Place your hand on my eyes
like a good mother and
gently close them
to the things of this world.

My soul is tired
of concerns and sorrow;
the work I still have to do
is on my mind.
Place your hand on my forehead and
stop my thoughts.
My rest will be gentle,
if you bless it.

So that your humble child
may awaken stronger and
undertake once again the journey
to fulfill life's obligations,
place your hand on my heart
that it may always be vigilant
and repeatedly express its eternal love
to its God.



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