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tyburskyWhen a much younger Fran Tybursky left the Provincial House grounds in 1963 to see the rest of the world, he did not think he would have the opportunity to come back for a visit. However, early September found Fran and his wife Gloria, a PCA graduate in the class of 1959, met an ‘old’ friend, Sister Anne Cacciapuoti, while they were in the Putnam area on vacation. Sister graciously offered to accompany them on a visit/tour of the DHS facility.

Fran’s father, a contractor by trade, had been employed by the Daughters to care for, build and maintain their properties on Church and Maple Streets in Putnam since the late 40’s. It was he who designed and constructed the Villa St. Joseph that now houses boarders for Putnam Science Academy and that was utilized by the Sisters until the mid eighties as a nursing center. Fran got to know the Sisters and the properties when he accompanied his dad to work and later on started mowing the expansive lawns to earn some spending money for himself while in high school. Later on, he and his crew also maintained the property of the Annhurst College campus in South Woodstock, CT.

The Tybursky’s clearly enjoyed every moment and every inch of their tour throughout the immense building that is currently home to administrative offices, residences for Sisters and the Province’s Health Care Center. Fran commented on the pristeen condition of the entire structure and on the clever use  that has been made of each and every nook and cranny. He openly described the feeling of awe, of joy and a touch of sadness that he experienced during his visit and added: “It’s been a long time, but it still feels the same.”  Gloria, who attended high school in this very same building, also was impressed by the many changes and improvements that the facility has undergone since 1963.

As the couple left they exclaimed their gratitude for this experience of a lifetime and promised us and themselves that they would not wait another 51 years to visit again. The photo shows Fran and Gloria with Sr. Anne. The Tybursky’s now live in Ocala, Florida and enjoy traveling far and wide and doing acts of kindness along the way, following, as they stated, the example they learned from the Sisters.

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