Resident Council Forms a Circle

council meetingAt our Holy Spirit Health Care Center the Resident Council is the organization that represents all residents as is the case in all Connecticut Nursing Homes. The basic structure of such Resident Councils is a roster of officers that strictly follows Robert’s Rules of Order. Attendance is limited to all residents and, by invitation only, to others.

council meeting
After Sister residents had expressed their views to Claudia Bettez, Recreation Director, concerning their lack of comfort with elected officers and rigid formality for running meetings, the Council decided at its September meeting that all in attendance at meetings would sit in a circle, motions would not be needed except for voting and that concern would still be sent to Departments.

A Sister would fill the role of “Hospitality Chair” to start and end meetings and to send out cards on behalf of the Council. She would also keep a copy of the minutes in her room for easy access to the Sisters as needed. Sr. Giselle Brouillard accepted to serve as Hospitality Chair for this year while Sr. Imelda Lagacé agreed to continue to take responsibility for the Thought of the Month and for Staff Recognition as needed. Others who attend regularly by invitation include Claudia Bettez, Katie Zajak, Social Worker and Sr. Michèle Bisaillon, DHS, Family Representative. The Resident Council voted unanimously in favor of accepting this new mode of functioning for their group.

Sisters Imelda & Giselle
For more information on how this Resident Circle is working out, please contact Claudia Bettez at or call her at 860 928-0891 ext. 146.
The photos show the circle of the Resident Council at the beginning of its January meeting and Sisters Imelda and Giselle.


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