Caring for Creation

cherry blossumsSpringtime has arrived. Temperatures are warming up. Signs of green and buds are  everywhere. One can hear the chirping of the birds and animals scurrying about. We humans are throwing off the trappings and gear of the long winter and can now rejoice in the freshness of the new spring.

The arrival of spring can be looked at as a sign of the Paschal Mystery when what has died during the winter comes to life again. 

“In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And by him were all things created, and without him nothing that is came into being.”  (John 1: 1 -3)
earth dayOur world was made through God’s creation, and Christ came into this very world. What has happened to God’s pristine world over the eons? A close look today reveals serious problems as we humans have misused and over used our natural resources. On this Earth Day of April 22 let us pause to reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and what each one of us can do to preserve it. As we work to improve our environment let us be able to sing with Kathy Sherman.

“Sing a gentle love song to the day
Fill the air with music for her healing.
Then be still and you will hear
Her love song forever sung to you.”
(“A Gentle Love Song”
Gather the Dreamer)

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