A DHS Community’s Focus on ‘Family’

california family celebrationThe DHS community in Patterson, California recently gave serious reflection on the concept of ‘Family’ after reading Pope Francis’ words on the Church as family and on the family as a resource for society. The Sisters then closely examined their attitudes toward ‘family’ and how their views and actions positively underscore the papal comments and  are living proof that the DHS charism is alive and thriving in today’s world.

The following lived experiences emphasize the Sisters’ and the Associates’ involvement in ‘family’ life around them:

  • california family celebrationdaily participation in parish family worship including the Divine Office and Mass
  • encounters with families who struggle and need the supportive presence of the Sisters
  • connecting nuclear and extended families of various ethnic backgrounds
  • forging loving relationships among large numbers of inter-generational families
  • encouraging reformed immigration laws that will no longer separate families
  • finding affordable and suitable housing for low income families
  • building bridges among families and across natural divisions
  • responding to the challenge of becoming all-inclusive and welcoming of new family members

california family celebrationA brief conversation with the Sisters in this community will  clarify that each of the above points has many sub points and that ‘living’ family is never as clear cut and dry as we might like it to be. For that reason the Sisters are quick to indicate that their ministry to and among families thrives because as they live out each day, be it at worship, on the street corner, in a hospital setting  or at a soup kitchen, they are attuned to hearing the Word of a compassionate, and loving God speak to them through the Scriptures and through their daily comings and goings in solidarity with the families our Triune God has brought to the center of their lives.

The Sisters and Associates of Patterson would love to continue this conversation with you.  Why not drop them a line at srpjdhs@yahoo.com ?



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