Corn Shucking Party

corn shuckingIt wouldn’t be summer without enjoying freshly picked corn from a local farm.  Here are some of the Sisters who joined in the corn shucking party after supper on Sunday, July 26. Pictured clockwise around the table are Sisters Jeannette Bérubé, Clémence Croteau, Jeannette Richard, Rose Mary Iannucci, Pauline Champagne (partially hidden), Cécile LeBeau, and Thérèse Morneau. In a very short time we had removed the husks, silk and a couple of worms from the 90 ears of corn given to us by the family of Katie Zajac, the social worker for the Holy Spirit Healthcare Center. The corn was grown at her brother-in-law’s farm.

corn shucking is done The smiles on the faces of Sisters Carmen Carbonneau, Saundra Porter, Zena Pereira, Madeleine Grégoire, Thérèse Morneau, Pauline Champagne, Jeannette Bérubé, Rose Mary Iannucci, and Annette Beauregard showed how we enjoyed our corn shucking party and looked forward to enjoying the fruit of our labor during dinner on the following day. Sister Connie Charette captured the event on camera and kept supplying the ears to be peeled and gathering the husks to give room for more corn to peel.


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