Early August at the Dam

On August 17, 1955 hurricane Diane made her presence known to the inhabitants of Putnam and the surrounding areas as her winds and rains buffeted the area unrelentlessly causing severe damage and destruction.

lakeThis was 60 years ago, and on a day perfectly designed for a picnic outing, 12 Daughters of the Holy Spirit in residence at the Provincial House in Putnam accompanied by 7 staff members ventured out to explore the site of the dam that had not been able to withstand the onslaught of Diane’s wrath and had allowed raging flood waters to escape and to join forces with the French and Quinebaug Rivers to literally separate the town of Putnam in half and to isolate its population for days. 

The excursion to Buffumville Lake and dam which border Oxford and Charlton, MA, afforded the Sisters the opportunity to visit a historical site that resurrected memories of exploding magnesium barrels, carrying water buckets from a nearly brook for sanitation, transporting drinking water from Annhurst College in Woodstock, and staffing a shelter in St. Mary School for families left homeless by the mid August hurricane of ’55. The fresh air and warm sunshine also led the Sisters to enjoy a picnic lunch al fresco while reminiscing and exchanging quips, longer stories and lived experiences. Indeed the comments overheard at the end of this energizing adventure made all who listened wish they had also been a part of this special outing. The accompanying photos enhance the fun time shared by the Sisters and may peak your interest in visiting the dam in August or at any other time of the year.

outing group group outing
group outing group outing

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