Red Carpet Event at PH

Early Saturday afternoon, August 29th members of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit Spiritual Family received the “ Red Carpet” treatment as they entered the gymnatorium for the Premiere Matinee of our DHS Documentary.  Flashing cameras made each of us feel privileged to be part of this special event. At 2:00pm Associate Jennifer Davis-Carey, the MC, began the program with a brief introduction to the year-long  process that led up to the DVD we would soon be viewing. It was obvious that Jennifer was really touched and believed deeply in the Spirit’s inspiration that carried the U.S. Province’s oral history project to completion. She thanked the twelve sisters who agreed to be interviewed and to share their personal vocation and ministry stories as Daughters of the Holy Spirit.

Seeds were planted when two sisters attended a conference over a year ago, conversation with associates who had already been inspired followed, and the fire was ignited.  All agreed that the time was NOW to record some of the history, challenges, and successes of the Daughters in our world.  At the Premiere event special thanks was given to Sr. Irene Fortier, our Archivist, Associates Jennifer Davis-Carey and Nancy O’Sullivan, Srs. Therese Vanasse, Michele Bisaillon, and Connie Charette for their untiring effort to make this a reality. A big thank you and a round of applause were given to our filmmaker, director and producer, Bill Charette. Without his skill and dedication, this documentary would not have been possible. Jennifer presented Bill with a well deserved “Oscar”; all whole-heartedly showed their approval of the award. Bill shared how grateful he was to have had this opportunity to participate with us on this project and to learn and share so much about our history and mission.

As the sisters and associates viewed the documentary we were obviously touched. We were then given a few minutes to share our reactions with those at our table and then with the entire group. Yes, through times of pain and joy the Daughters have been truly “Led by the Spirit” in bringing God’s message of love to all people, especially the disadvantaged.

The documentary of the DHS oral history, as well as 12 individual interviews, can be viewed on  by typing “Daughters of the Holy Spirit” in the Youtube search box  and clicking on Led by the Spirit.








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