DHS Honored by Leominster Parish

leominister massWhen the Daughters of the Holy Spirit left St. Cecilia’s  school in 1977 after 74 years of ministry, little did they expect to be callled back for a rousing thank you from the parishioners nearly 40 years later.

So it was that approximately 12 Daughters accepted the invitation from St. Cecilia’s Parish Family to join the celebration of the Sisters’ years of dedicated service to the parish. Sr. Gertrude Lanouette, Provincial, states “We were warmly welcomed at the 11:15 Mass and were each presented with a lovely bouquet of white roses. Following the Liturgy former students, parents friends and family members joined us at the rectory for a reception with homemade desserts and beverages. We also shared a delicious family-style dinner with the priests. A team of women from the parish seemed overjoyed to be able to prepare this meal and graciously serve it to us”.

Leominister massMuch to the Sisters’ surprise a monetary donation was offered to the Province as an act of thanksgiving by the pastor, the Rev. Robert D. Bruso in the name of St. Cecilia’s with the promise that once each year there would be a special collection in the parish for the direct benefit of the Daughters. Several parishioners lovingly presented their “old” teachers and friends with personal tokens of their appreciation as well.

This gesture of recognition was sincerely appreciated by the Sisters in attendance who still welcome opportunities to share this lived experience with those who were not there. A special thank you goes out to the folks at St. Cecilia’s for sharing a lovely album of photos that allows  one and all to relive and immortalize this blessed occasion. 

More information on the DHS years at St. Cecilia’s Parish you may contact Sr. Marian St. Marie at marianst.marie@gmail.com or call 860-928-0891 ext. 121.

leominister mass leominister mass

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