Join us in Giving Thanks

thanksAs our grateful hearts wish each and every one of you your best Thanksgiving ever, we invite you to spend the next few minutes with us reflecting on the meaning of this special day and uniting your hearts and minds with ours and the rest of the grateful inhabitants of the United States of America in offering thanks to our God, the source and provider of all that is good. And so we recollect ourselves before our God to ponder and pray:
It is good to give thanks to you, Yahweh, to play in honor of your name, Most High,
to proclaim your love at daybreak
and your faithfulness all through the night. 
(Psalm  92:  1 – 2)

We do not have to look far to realize that our world is in turmoil. Violence is rampant. People are suffering due to war, gross injustices, extreme poverty, and prejudice. Some people may be experiencing serious health or family problems. To watch the daily news on TV can be most depressing. But let us now pause. If we take time to look around us, we will be able to see that there are good things happening in this world and in the personal lives of each and every one of us. 

thanks #2At this time of Thanksgiving, let us ponder all the blessings we have received. Let us give thanks for God’s wonderful love, generosity and care of us. As you get up in the morning, look out the window. See God’s nature with the birds, flowers, animals, and trees.

Instead of going without breakfast or gulping it down – take your time to savor it. As you go through your day, what are the pleasant things you experience? Just picture the greetings and smiles of people you meet; listen to the laughter of children at play; enjoy music, meaningful conversations, friendship, your home, nourishing food, clothing just to mention a few. Most of alL let us thank our dear God for the gift of life, for our universe and all the mysterious wonders in it.

thanks 3May an abundance of gratitude burst forth
as you reflect upon what you have received.

May you never forget the Generous One
who loves you lavishly and unconditionally.
(from   Out of the Ordinary    by Joyce Rupp)

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