A Transition in Progress

archivistFifteen years ago Sr. Irene Fortier, DHS, graciously accepted the position of Archivist for the USA Province, although as she now admits, there were more question marks in her head than certainty about what the position entailed.

Today, after initiating and executing big time changes and improvements in the preservation, the classification of materials and the availability of the same for fast and accurate reference, Sister has decided it is time to hand over this responsibility to a new archivist.

Mrs. Margaret Anderson comes to us from Woodstock, CT as a retired archivist for Worcester Polytechnical Institute. She is happy to have found a part time position in her area of expertise that offers the opportunity for her to familiarize herself with certain archival practices particular to religious congregations and communities. She is looking forward to “continuing the tradition of quality and easy accessibility” introduced by her predecessor. As a matter of fact, she declares she is excited about the possibilities and wakes up at night as fresh ideas pop into her head.

archivistAs Sr. Irene looks back over her tenure, she clearly recalls that her greatest challenge was always the organization of “piles of information and materials” that had  been stored in various nooks and crannies at the Provincial House. On the other hand, she unhesitatingly states that her biggest achievement was to come to know precisely where to find whatever documents or photos someone needed for their work. As Irene hands the keys over to Margaret she smiles and says that she is most comfortable with this transition and feels the words spoken to her by a former administrator indeed apply to this moment as well: “The Spirit was with us when we named you archivist”.

archivistThe transition is anticipated to continue for several months as Margaret learns
the ropes and Sr. Irene gradually distances herself from the Office of the
Archives and the Stacks.  She does promise to remain easily accessible to lend a helping hand as needed.



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