DHS Reconnect to Alabama Mission

plaqueAs the sky poured down liquid blessing, Sisters Cecile Cusson and Norma Bourdon, DHS with Jane Kelly, CSJ, as chauffeur, made their way  for two and a half hours from Selma to Anniston, Alabama. The reason for the trip was to celebrate the 76th anniversary of All Saints Parish.
In 1995 the Society of Saint Edmund, that built the church in the early 40’s and then a school in ’54, were no longer able to staff the parish.  Members of the parish have kept it alive for 20 years with no resident priest. The four women who are administrators of the parish are all graduates of the school that was staffed by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit for 34 years.

The Bishop commended the parishioners for their devoted and dedicated work. The people heartily thanked the Society of Saint Edmund for the time and energy they spent developing  the parish. They are extremely grateful to the Daughters of the Holy Spirit for their early education and continued religious formation. 

You may obtain more information about this DHS ministry by directly contacting Sr. Norma Bourdon at quleap@aol.com

Photos:  Mr. Cavin Keith, first graduate of All Saints School,  a group of graduates spanning a number of years and the plaque commemorating Edmundite and DHS administration.


Calvin Keith group

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