A Community Oriented December Weekend

What better way is there to spend a December weekend than in activities involving all branches of our DHS Family and the civic community at large?

This is precisely what transpired at the Provincial House on December 5th and 6th with the celebration of the definitive commitment of Secular Branch member Jan Boyle, the initial covenant ceremony of two Associates: Belle Henzel and Linda Lamoureux  and the gathering of Family members and friends and acquaintances from the town and parishes for a shared Taizé Advent-Prayer experience.

The events were a perfect fit for this unique time of year as they allowed all participants abundant time for reflection on the concepts of peace, commitment, celebration, joy that is inherent to sharing and to the cyclic honoring of the mystery of the birth of the God Child who gives purpose and meaning to all our lives.

Details about each component of the weekend may be obtained from the following sources:
Secular Branch…Jane Houtman, SBDHS: jthdech@verizon.net; Associates…Diane Summa, PhD: dts1@att.net and the Taizé Prayer:…
Sr. Gertrude Lanouette, DHS: provdhs@snet.net.

We hope the following photos will allow you to be a special part of our very special moments.

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