Fostering Unity and Freedom in the Spirit

“We are gathered here today for MISSIONING. “  With these words Sr. Gertrude Lanouette, DHS, Provincial in the USA introduced the meaningful yet succinct ceremony in which the coordination of the newly established community of senior Sisters at St. Joseph Living Center was confided to Michèle Bisaillon, DHS.

During the same prayer event, Sisters Linda Babineau, Blanche Cadotte, Marie Pauline Guillemette and Thérèse Vanasse were missioned to serve as Advocates for the members of the newly founded St. Joseph Community at the Center in Windham.

The ceremony concluded with the following blessing that we invite all of you to pray with us at this time:

May the warmth of the Spirit’s fire be extended through your concern
and care for all those who need your love.

May the undying embers of the Spirit’s faitfulness support you,
draw and warm you.

May the clear light of the Spirit’s guidance be a source of enlightenment,
wisdom and strength.

May the joyful fire of the Spirit dance within you and set ablaze
wonder and joy in your life.

We ask this in the name of God our Father, of God the Son
and the God the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

It was indeed in this same attitude of joy in mutual service that the DHS community at St Joseph’s along with their newly-appointed Advocates, Coordinator and the Provincial Team spent some quality time socializing while enjoying some simple refreshments and underlining the beginning of yet another new phase/change in their individual and community journeys that continue to “foster unity and freedom in the Spirit”. (adapted from the Rule of Life DHS)


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