St. Joseph Community Hosts its First DHS Gathering

On a typically hot, humid and hazy mid August morning a caravan of DHS driven vehicles made its way from sundried locations to St. Joseph Living Center in Windham where the newly established DHS Retirement Community hosted its first ever gathering for the Sisters who compose the East Coast USA Province.

After being greeted at the entrance by a lovely welcome sign, all the visitors had to do was follow the sounds of joyful laughter and the line leadng to the chapel where the Sisters would join other residents of the facility for the celebration of Mass by the most Reverend Larry LaPointe.

The exodus to the beautifully and appropriately decorated recreation room transformed into a dining area for the picnic lunch, was well orchestrated and guests and resident DHS found their spots at one of the many prepared tables.

Once grace had been sung and words of welcome exchanged, the staff at St. Joe’s waited on each table, one person at a time, offering a variety of picnic fare for all to enjoy.

Conversation was lively and a deep feeling of family and appreciation radiated from all corners of the dining area, making everyone feel at home and at ease.

As the last pieces of silverware came to rest on the empty plates, the Sisters in residence headed for their rooms followed by visitors who would spend more time chatting with them and enjoying their presence in a overall attitude of sharing and exuberance allowing such comments as “Isn’t this wonderful?” “What a lovely place and what nice people!”, “Thanks for this special time and for being here today” to be heard over and over again.

It was still hot, humid and hazy as the visiting DHS made their way to their cars for the return trip home, but the sense of happiness and unity that had been lived by all for the past few hours dominated and brought an inner refreshment that permeated the whole being of all who had been a part of St. Joseph Community first DHS gathering.

The photos reveal some of the highlights of the day, including the arrival of the statue of St. Joseph that had adorned the Villa and PH properties for years at his new home.




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