Our Province Welcomes our Newest Member

Mary Tunison

Mary and Claire chatting before Mass.

It was at the Sunday liturgy on December 4th that the DHS USA Family welcomed Mary Tunison of Vernon, CT as she professed her vows as a Consecrated Secular in the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit.

The ceremony, presided over by the Rev. Edward Dempsey, was a simple yet meaningful framework for Mary’s commitment to a life style dedicated to serving the Lord by serving others at the heart of the world.

The brief homily reminded all of us of the importance of commitment to God’s plans for us and for all humankind throughout the course of history and how that determination inevitable leads us to joy and true inner peace. 

Mary’s expression of vows was followed by the symbolic gestures of receiving the Spirit emblem and of the official signing of the register. Claire Héroux, current coordinator of the Secular Branch in the US accepted Mary’s vows while Gail Ide, Rev. Dempsey and the numerous DHS Family members in attendance witnessed the commitment.

More information about our Secular Branch is available on this web site and by contacting Gail Ide at gailide4@aol.com or calling her at 978-342-6759.

Last month two women, Patricia Riquelmo and María Isabel Leiva, from Antofagasta, Chile professed their first vows as Consecrated Seculars as well.  Congratulations, welcome and sincere blessings to one and all!

Mary Tunison

Mary expressing her vows.

Mary Tunison

Mary receiving symbol from Claire.

Mary Tunison

Mary signing the official register.



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