Jesus - Light of the World

People who walked in darkness
have seen a great light. (Isaiah   9:1-6)

candel“LIGHT” so simple! PRESTO! Flip a switch and a room is illuminated. But what about that light which brightens dark spirits and brings hope to the disheartened?

Jesus arrived in a dark world, one of conflict and conquest, slavery and poverty, misery and fear, to bring it light and hope. For those who believed that the birth of the child in Bethlehem was an extraordinary event, the Light of hope dawned.

Today it can be said that we too live in a dark world. Many people live in subjugation, in war torn areas, in poverty, and in fear; yet once again we celebrate the child who is the “LIGHT OF THE WORLD”. This child is the one promised by God who would bring the light of hope, of joyful expectation, of LOVE. 

The True Light, which enlightens everyone, has come into the world. (John  1:5)

In this holy season, let us truly celebrate the arrival of the “LIGHT OF THE WORLD”. Let us focus on the awesome truth of our loving God coming to save us, to bring us the “LIGHT OF HOPE” and let us choose to respond to our calling to be BEARERS of that LIGHT.

May the Christmas blessings of PEACE and LOVE be with all at this time and throughout your lives! 



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