U.S. Province Launches Year of Marie Balavenne

The long-awaited day finally arrived. Delegates to the DHS USA Family Assembly gathered in the gymnatorium for their special weekend and Sr. Gertrude Lanouette, Provincial, made it official: the year dedicated to the legacy of foundress Marie Balavenne had begun.

While a multitude of most meaningful activities filled each moment of these three weekend days, the highlight indeed was the liturgy on Saturday afternoon focused on the inauguration of this year in honor of the first Daughter of the Holy Spirit whose example has inspired thousands of followers since 1706.

 Marie’s legacy was underlined in a unique manner that same evening when all in attendance were blessed with “A Visit from Marie Balavenne”, brought to life on stage through a brilliantly written monologue by DHS Associate Pat Krodel and delivered flawlessly by Ms. Bonnie Theriault. The script, a compilation and adaptation of several existing biographies and interpretations of the life of Marie, was prepared and executed in honor of the foundresses 350th birthday and her legacy to the now International Congregation.

This moment is so special to so many of us that we want to invite all of you to share the passion and the joy that is to be reaped from such a time. We have prepared the following for your information, enjoyment and inspiration. We trust you will take the time to read and reread and to meditate on this wonderful example of the Holy Spirit at work in one individual and the domino effect and impact of the resulting graces as they trickled down through the centuries to fill and inspire us today and into the future.

Reflection year of Marie Balavenne

We thank Sr. Marian St. Marie for penning these thoughts for all of us to share.  You may feel free to direct any questions or comments to her at marianst.marie@gmail.com


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