Clean Air Now!


“What do we want? Clean air.  When?  NOW!!!”

On April 19th Sr. Michèle Bisaillon attended a rally in West Hartford, CT sponsored by the Sierra Club and 350CT, two organizations really intent on saving our environment. Its purpose was to raise awareness and to express dissent towards fracking in our state, as well as transportation of fracking waste, expanding the pipelines to transport gas through our state and the desire for 100% renewable energy. There were representatives from various groups concerned with our environment and our health!!! Present also were a few Sisters from 3 different congregations, some members of the Collaborative Center For Justice of which the Daughters of the Holy Spirit USA are members. The rally was held at the Governor’s house; he was not there and was not available for comment. Approximately 50 people joined the group as they  chanted: “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho  Fossil fuels have got to go” and “Stop fracking now!”  Michèle, who has been a long-time advocate of clean air states, “My thought is “Stop the political machine: let’s go green!”
She also notes that “Being present there was a great way to anticipate Earth Day!”

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rally rally
rally rally



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