Praying with Marie Balavenne

SistersTo provide the Sisters in community at the Provincial House in Putnam who had been unable to attend our recent Family Assembly and share the fullness of the prayer rituals that enriched this special moment for our Province, the members of the Provincial House Team elected to use their monthly community meeting time to invite the Sisters to “Come to the Source” and immerse themselves in its spirit for a short while.

Thus it was that Sisters Paula, Marion and Michèle in turn set the relaxing, deeply spiritual tone in verse, music and video gently leading the community to watch, to listen, to wait and to reflect on Marie Balavenne’s legacy to us at this time and in this place. Following personal reflection, individual Sisters voiced the fruit of their meditation, bringing all to prayer.

The Sisters were then invited to place their individual ‘prayer’ stones into a container of water symbolizing how those who are called are soaked in God’s love. The Team members in turn offered a blessing for all present who hear the word of God through each other and send one another forth to live that Word, remembering the DHS call to bring God’s tender love to all as did Marie Balavenne centuries ago.

To each one of our readers we extend this same blessing and pray: “May the Spirit of the Dance, the Spirit of the Awakening, the Spirit of Discovering, as well as that of Creating, Dwelling, Nourishing, Traditioning and Transforming be with each one that we may together go forth and renew the face of the earth”.

Sisters Sisters
Sisters Sister



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