The African Mass: An Experience of Love

Members of the DHS family, Sisters, Associates and friends, had no idea what a wonderful experience they would have when they accepted the invitation of Juliana Ekeson, DHS Associate, to attend Mass with her African Catholic Community at St. Andrew’s Church in Worcester.

Nigerian MassFrom the first moment, we were welcomed with opened arms filled with love. There was a total sense of joy from beginning to end. Every part of the Mass: the entrance of Monsignor, the carrying of the book of the Gospels, the Offertory, the presentation of the gifts, and the final leaving was composed of procession, song and dance! We witnessed such joyful participation from tiny babies held in the arms of mothers and fathers to much older walkers during the entire Celebration of the Eucharist. We couldn’t help but be caught up in the moment, joining the singing, clapping and dancing! We heard their beautiful language, as many responses and songs were sung in their native tongue. But the icing on the cake was a performance by the children!!! Their voices, their facial expressions, their movements told the beautiful story of God‘s love. It was wonderful to behold, spirit-filled and uplifting!

Following  Mass we were invited to join everyone downstairs for tea, a tradition for this community. We enjoyed goodies and fellowship with these beautiful families. I know I speak for all of us who were there when I say “Thank you, Juliana, for your loving invitation!” And as we left and thanked those we met for their warm welcome, we were invited to come back anytime. Our hope is that we will!

More information about this celebration is available from Dr. Diane Summa

nigerian Mass Nigerian Mass
Nigerian Mass Nigerian Mass
Nigerian Mass Nigerian Mass

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