Reconcilliation: Building Bridges by Living the Christ Message

posterWhile the World Council of Churches each year faithfully calls all Christians to be united in the forgiving spirit of Christ, this call seems particularly poignant this year in the light of our current world situation.

It was in this attitude that Sr. Paula Despathy gathered her Sisters in community at the Provincial House to share and to enter into the practical meaning and application of how the love of Christ compels us to reconciliation with God, with others and with ourselves.

bridgeThe Community spent time together looking at history and the need of reconciliation in the christian churches, in our present-day society and in our religious communities/families. The dialogue concluded that indeed we are divided as a nation, divided in our vision and interpretation of greatness, as well as insecure and fearful and sorely in need of trust in the message of Christ: a message of love that alone can move us beyond our divisions and insecurities.

The community’s conversation led to meditation and that, in turn, led to a concrete expression of the ideological and real “walls”  (see photos) that separate us from each other and from the profound experience of the inspiring and motivating love of our God, who is all just and all forgiving.

wallswallsIn this we invite you to join our community in asking our God to help us respond to the grace to forgive and to build spiritual and real “bridges” so that we may more consistently imitate Christ, the Way and the Truth, to journey towards others and invite them to walk towards us safely and securely, knowing that it is together that we will be witnesses of unity in one God just as Christ was.  And so we pray:

Spirit of the Living and Just God, pour into our hearts the wellspring of divine reconciliation.
Touch the hearts of all leaders at all levels in all world communities and nations.
Guide all your justice loving peoples towards genuine peace that their joint efforts
may produce a multitude of bridges among us that we may all be interconnected in
your authentic attitude of respect, love and appreciation for all human life that seeks to follow you. 
May our united actions and prayers tear down the walls that divide us and may our quest for reconciliation be contagious and spread like wildfire throughout our world.  Amen.


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