Rendering Service – a Way of Life

lorraine duvalWhen Lorraine Duval was a young girl she was always certain of one thing: she wanted to be of service to others, no matter where, no matter who.

Lorraine went on to make profession as a Daughter of the Holy Spirit whose charism clearly states that the Sisters will make every effort possible throughout their lives to reach out and be of service to others. And so it is that after many years of teaching, managing and organizing other-centered activities in the USA as well as in Nigeria, Sr. Duval still seeks and finds ways of helping others. 

While working full time in Bridgeport, CT Lorraine became aware of the high illiteracy rate around her. She looked for ways of becoming involved in programs that would diminish this elevated percentage. Little funding meant few opportunities for such programs to even get off the ground, so Lorraine started to volunteer her time each day after her full time job. The fire in her burned more ardently and she continued to offer her services in Waterbury and in Worcester, MA with very large non-English speaking groups of immigrant children and adults.

Sr. Duval now lives in Putnam and has found her volunteer or service nook through a Literacy Program sponsored by the Public Library in town. At this time Sister has two adult students with whom she meets once a week to develop their reading skills and to introduce them as well to basic life and survival skills. Sister finds much satisfaction in this kind of program since it allows her to tailor the course of studies to each student and to advance at the pace that meets each student’s capabilities and learning styles. She says “I find it rewarding when the students want to come to class and when they are in a good space during class so that we can move ahead.” 

Lorraine also assists in the Archives at the Provincial House and claims that the two occupations dovetail nicely “they both give me the chance to help someone with something important and timely”. When she is not preparing her individual classes or putting old photos in chronological order, you might find Lorraine following an art class or two; she particularly enjoys water colors and the opportunity that art form offers for relaxation and creativity.

Sister Lorraine lives a simple life, appreciates little things and, most of all, finds true joy and satisfaction in reaching out to others in their need, after all, that has been her chosen way of life.

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