Lent 2017: You are Cordially Invited....

invitationIn this time of Lent we have received an invitation from God.

And just what is God inviting us to? God is waiting for us to respond so as to offer us a great gift – the gift of a wonderful relationship with the Trinity.

Now that we have received this invitation what next? 

Choices face us. Rejection is an option since we can refuse to follow the Lenten journey. We can accept with reluctance – with a “yes, but!” Or, we can whole- heartedly accept God’s invitation.

posterThis is not necessarily an easy task as we can get caught up in our personal fears and guilt, and then focus solely on ourselves and our failings. Feeling shame from our guilt, we try to hide from others and maybe even from God’s love.

 By accepting God’s invitation we realize that God is here – not off in some magical universe.

When we finally come to this realization that God is in each of our hearts we will be able to RSVP with a “Yes, God I accept your invitation with all my heart”. We can than move God out of our heads into our hearts and be filled with the wondrous love of this loving God who is our faithful companion and guide on our Lenten journey.

signsLet us pray for each other on this journey,especially for all who need and desire a change of heart on our joint pilgrimage to Easter joy.  May God, Giver of all good gifts and our Host along the journey, continue to strengthen us and inspire us through the Holy Spirit as we wander hand in hand in response to his call. 

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