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Water, water everywhere! Really??? Many may be surprised that, yes, about 75% of our Earth is covered with water; but did you know that less than !% is actually available for human use? The rest is salt water, locked in inaccessible locations underground, or is frozen in polar ice caps and glaciers. And much of our world’s population is lacking in water. In many developing countries, the people walk miles to obtain water, often impure and in need of boiling. It is said that the lack of/abuse of water by richer countries will be the cause of the next world-wide conflict.

These are but a few facts discussed at a recent conference on water. On April 1st about 75 persons gathered at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, CT. The conference, entitled: “Water: What’s Behind The Tap”, was sponsored by the Collaborative Center of Justice [of which the DHS Putnam Province is a member] and the Office of Community Engagement at the University of St. Joseph.
The conference focused on our usage, waste, privatization, conservation and preservation of clean water. Sr. Michèle led a water “quiz” at the beginning of the conference to help the audience assess just what they knew about water facts.

The group invited three panelists to share their knowledge. These speakers from the following agencies: Food and Water Watch, Clean Water Action and River Alliance shred many facts about the seriousness of our water situation as well as the work their agencies do to bring awareness to the public and to legislators responsible for passing laws and ordinances. A very eye opening and challenging documentary, “Our Water, Our Life Initiative” which can also be found on YouTube was viewed. That site also provides many other short pieces on the issue of water. Similar resources on YouTube include: “Save Water  Save Life; Water, the World Crisis; The Global Water Crisis-How much Water Do We Really Use Everyday?”

The facts indeed led us all to ponder what can I/we do to conserve this very precious gift,  what are the best practices we can adopt, and, yes, even to realize that what each of us does somehow affects peoples in other countries.

The challenge to us all is to be aware of our water usage, educate ourselfves about the facts, be in touch with our legislators when issues concerning water pollution come for a vote, especially in our local areas. One urgent issue at this time is the practice of fracking and the disposal it its waste products. Let us be aware and do our part to save our earth for future generations. PLEASE!!!

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