A Visit to Help her People

Sister Anne OkoziWhen Sr. Anne OKOZI of Nigeria speaks about her mission, one would think that Africa’s most populated country were but a stone’s throw away.

Anne’s soft voice and her natural manner of expressing even the finest or saddest details have a way of drawing listeniers in and of making them want to know more about life in Nigeria.

Sr. Anne is visiting the United States for a couple weeks in an attempt to raise funds and support for the underprivileged in Nigeria, a group that has grown more numerous as a result of the reign of terror that has threatened the northern part of her country these past few years.  Violence, kidnappings and sundried kinds of abuses have plagued the region and forced people to leave their birth areas seeking refuge in other parts of their native country and creating greater and various kinds of poverty.

As before, Anne’s brother, a priest in the Diocese of Portland, ME, invited her to come to speak to parish groups to encourage them to donate to her mission work. Sister, happy to respond to this opportunity, has met with parishioners in Maine and is planning to meet with other similar groups in the Leominster, MA area.  Any and all funds recruited through her efforts here are earmarked to directly provide food, medicine, and clothing for her Nigerian neighbors in need. 

Sister Anne OkoziIn between speaking engagements, Sister has been staying at the Provincial House in Putnam and sharing her stories with the Sisters in residence, several of whom worked as missionaries in Nigeria for a number of years. She has also been visiting other DHS communities in the region.

Anne is a Daughter of the Holy Spirit and lives the charism of reaching out to those in need with compassion and the love of Christ.  On a daily basis she focuses on the needs of the people around her, in her own village and in surrounding areas. She and her sisters in community are constantly looking for solutions to the problems presented to them by neighbors and strangers and do the utmost to assist them in developing their own skills that will enable them to survive and care for their families in the long term.

It has been a joy and a privilege to share Anne’s journey of faith and love. Hers is a solid example of service to others in times of need.  She is always responsive, ready to look for solutions and forever offering a supportive word and smile of encouragement.

You may obtain more information about this worthy ministry by contacting Sr. Anne herself at annokozi@gmail.com or Sister Jeannine Légère here in the USA at legerjml@yahoo.com The photos show Anne addressing a group of Sisters at the Provincial House and socializing with Sisters Marie Pauline Guillemette and Marie Jeannette Bérubé who served respectively in Burkina Faso and Nigeria for many years.


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