Stepping Back in Musical Times at SJLC

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Sisters and castIt was as if a scene from the movie CAMELOT were unfolding before our very eyes, and, of course, ears. The unusual sounding melodies and the attractive period costumes caught the attention of anyone and everyone in the area surrounding the large recreation room at St. Jospeh Living Center in Windham, CT. It was the day for the Goodlie Company to share their vocal and musical talents with the Sisters and other residents on this lovely summery Saturday. So it was that the musical group, with their Medeival/Renaissance instruments and garb transported all in attendance back to a unique period of yesteryear where for one hour in real time, modern life was suspended and hip hop was replaced by motets and madrigals.

Sisters and castIndividual members of the traveling troupe provided historical snippets that set the context for each short musical piece they reproduced in their gifted and inimitable way. The flow from one writer to the next, from one country leader to his/her successor was smooth and logical, a true history lesson for one and all. Their clever intros even made Henry VIII look good.Sisters and cast

The event was sponsored for the DHS through the efforts of Associate member Jennifer Davis Carey who first brought the entertainers to the Provincial House a couple years ago.

Following the concert, the Sisters had time to meet the performers individually and to share their questions and comments with them.  The overall reaction of the Sisters was the admiration of the time that the group members spent rehearsing and preparing for their performances. The amount of traveling involved also impressed the Sisters.  When asked if she had enjoyed the show, Sr. Irene Fortier responded without hesitation: “Yes, I did. They are so talented and their sounds are so pure...I always look forward to their visit”. Sr. Catherine Sottak noted: “How wonderful....they certainly are unique and very different from other groups that come. They are refreshing to listen to.”  Finally Sr. Annette Beauregard expressed a series of praises for the group and then added: “Are they coming back soon?” 

Sisters and castShould you want more information about the Goodlie Company, you might visit their on linecast site or contact Jennifer Davis Carey at   Perhaps you, too, would revel in the experience of stepping back in time and taking in the sights and sounds of the far past.


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