DHS Unite with Neighbors for Peace


peace bannerOn Sunday, 9/24/17, over 60 members and guests of the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council (GPIC) met for a “Peace Prayer” celebration in the Gymnatorium of Holy Spirit Provincial House in Putnam. The Prayer Gathering was held in solidarity with the United Nations International Day of Prayer for Peace.

peace celebrationGathered around a portable peace pole and a center table of candle and peace plant, the group shared prayers from various faith traditions, including Judaic, Christian, Buddhist, Islam, Bana’i, Catholic, and Unitarian. After the more formal faith prayers-sharing, participants were invited to express Peace Prayers that they had  brought with them. Together we listened and participated in poetry, prayer and song, all filled with our personal and communal desire for peace … within ourselves, our larger communities and our world!   An atmosphere of quiet, welcome and affirmation pervaded the gathering, and this was experienced in the simple applause that followed each sharing, and in the open receptivity to the grace of the moment.

peace conferenceAs the sharing came to a conclusion, those who were able were invited to join in a meditative prayer-walk led by a Native American eldress who burned a sage incense of cleansing as she gathered us around the permanent peace pole found on the front lawn of the Provincial House. A moment of reverence for ourselves, each other, for Earth and for the larger universe … a call to peace within and without!

peace conferencePeace buttons, home-made by one of the GPIC members, were available as gifts to any who wanted one. Donations were made, and $113 was given by the group to Our Daily Bread, a local food bank in Putnam as a symbol of “our faith in action”. We left the gathering, enriched by mutual blessing, and confirmed in mutual commitment for peace.


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