Blessings for a New Mission

SistersIt was indeed fitting that the missioning ceremony for Sisters Blanche Thibault and Mary Lou Smith took place at the beginning of the mass on All Saints Day. The chapel was graced with the presence of the entire Provincial House Community and a good number of guests who were joining the Sisters for this holy day liturgy.

Sr. Gertrude Lanouette began the ritual by explaining that the vow of obedience asks religious to remain available for service to the Congregation throughout their lives and that there is no age limit. She then continued explaining how the two Sisters had been asked to transfer from the Provincial House Community in Putnam to St. Joseph Community in Windham, CT. Sr. Lanouette then officially presented the written “obedience” document to the two transferees. A hug that clearly reflected genuine love and acceptance on both sides sealed the ceremony.

The following afternoon all residents and staff were invited to a brief departure ceremony during which specially formulated prayers, the gifting of “token sandals for the journey” and a hands-on blessing by Sr. Marian St. Marie, Provincial Team Member, were offered to Blanche and Mary Lou. 

The sun filled and rather warm November day was a super setting as the two Sisters made their way to the car escorted by their sisters, friends and staff who spoke their love, their best wishes and their goodbyes as Blanche (92) and Mary Lou (85), both career-long teachers and nursing aides and no strangers to change, start another chapter of their lives as the newest members of the DHS Community at St. Joseph Living Center. May the Spirit accompany them as they begin their new adventure and ministry with new companions on their journey of life.




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