Sisters Enjoy Moving Back into the Future           

As we all know in the reality of our everyday lives, the present soon becomes the future and the future becomes the present and soon to be the past.


This reality was played out on a mid January afternoon when the Sisters in residence at the Provincial House were invited by our archivists to spend time viewing albums of photos that easily and almost miraculously transported each and every one to a unique moment in time many years ago as they aspired to their future in religious life.

Sisters Sisters

This cleverly collated and carefully calculated expo focused on the time of Formation, in other words, the Novitiate and Postulancy when eager young women received their “basic training” in preparation for their first vowed commitment as Daughters of the Holy Spirit.

Sisters Sisters

Ooo’s and aaah’s resounded from the large community room where the pictorial treasures were displayed.  Astonishment was expressed as Sisters recognized themselves and other members of their profession groups.  Comments, comical and serious, were shared and the nodding of heads clearly indicated concurrence and even disbelief at the wonders that time can produce. 

Sisters Sister

Hats off once again to Margaret Anderson and Sr. Lorraine Duval for allowing all of us the opportunity to relive what are now key moments of our past in what was then the future of our lives.  Perhaps now we better understand why it is that all things are present to Gpd.


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