Two DHS Take Their Show on the Road      


Vanderman placeOne way to fight the January doldrums is to sing, play music and entertain.

Two Sisters recently took this motto to heart and took the road to bring sunshine, life and a variety of musical sounds to the residents of Vanderman Place, a 124 bed nursing home in the heart of Willimantic, CT.

It was shortly before 10 a.m. that Sisters Jeannine Légère and Marie Pauline Guillemette unloaded their vehicle and set up their music corner in the oversized dining room at Vanderman Place. It was not long before residents came strolling in, looking, of course, for the best seats in the house to get a close look at Sr. Marie Pauline’s one person band that covers the petite woman literally from head to her tippy toes. Yes, Sister wears her musical instruments well and manages them with unusual ease.

Sister Jeannine, a long time missionary in Nigeria and currently offering her nursing and other skills to the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in residence at St. Joseph Living Center in Windham, volunteers regularly at Vanderman Place. She coaxed her musical partner, Sr Marie Pauline also a long term missionary in Burkina Faso, to pack her instruments and to join her in providing a musical pause for the folks at Vanderman. It did not take long for all in attendance to realize they were in for a good time.

As the musical combo ran through its long repertoire of well-known songs from the distant and not so distant past, audience members joined in on the singing, the clapping, the percussion and even the playing of the basic spoons. 

The two Sisters followed their whole group presentation with visits to individual rooms for folks who had not been able to displace themselves. On and on they moved answering personal requests, singing and playing the old time favorites and even at times making up lyrics that they did not recall or had never really known in the first place.

Like all dedicated musicians our two Daughters welcomed the applause, the cheers of encouragement and the bright smiles on the faces of the residents. Staff ratings were high and the reviews were positive and the musicians left happy with the intention of returning for a similar fun session in the not too distant future.


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