Collaborating for a More Equitable World

Recently the Sisters at the Provincial House and guests hosted a visit from Sister Mary Alice Synkewecz and her assistant Rachel Scott from the Collaborative Center for Justice headquartered in Hartford, CT who spent some quality time talking about some of the most prominent social issues of our day and explaining some of the ways in which the average everyday jack and jill can help to fight against the negative forces that continue to hurt so many innocent victims on a daily basis.

Among the topics discussed were the plight of refugees and migrants, gun violence, environmental issues such as the effects of fracking, the cut backs on the food stamp program, the roles of sanctuary cities and the importance of continued prayerful support for those who are in key positions to effect change, for example, state representatives and senators. 

While the presentations were very clear, there were supplementary questions from the audience, especially concerning individual roles in being agents of change who can alleviate suffering and pain.  Involvement with movements for justice, even by the simple writing of letters and making phone calls, was highly encouraged.  The DHS shared how they have recently been actively contacting senators and reps against gun violence  and immigration and how they have done this for several other issues in the past.

As the gathering came to a close, comments were heard that at times it seems so useless to dedicate much time and energy to fighting politicians and lobbyists since they are so powerful.  One response suggested that we grow our own responders to become powerful as well, so that together across our nation ,we become a respected force for the good to be reckoned with.  As the quote from Pope Francis in Laudato Sí on the leaflet from the Collaborative states:
We need to strengthen the conviction that we are
one single human family.
There are no frontiers or barriers,
political or social, behind which we can hide,
still less is there room for the globalization
of indifference.”

For more information on these and related topics please contact the Collaborative: 

May our loving Creator God inspire us to act justly and love tenderly at all times.


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