Musings of a DHS on her Ministry's 'special journeys'


Sister Michael HenryImmediately upon catching a glimpse of Sr. Michael Henry's flashing smile, one knows she is a people – person. The first sentence she speaks confirms those suspicions and only leads one to want to hear more and to spend time in Sister's presence.

Sister Michael was a born teacher. God clearly gifted her with the patience and the skills to glide through the world of education and guide students and parents in the direction that allowed them to cultivate their own gifts, to hone them and, in turn, put them to use to assist others.

Now, officially retired from the classroom and principal's desk, the Moosup, CT native, who has ministered in California for the past 56 years, graciously accepted to share some of her thoughts on what she calls 'special journeys' she traveled during her years in the Catholic school teaching ministry and trusts that we might glean some highlights or positive notes that can be helpful as we journey through our special moments day by day.

For Sister Moulin, née Lorraine Catherine, each day, each situation and each activity had a spiritual aspect upon which she based all other activities. She says: "As Principal I journeyed spiritually with many teachers, staff and students...our school day always began with a prayer together. Faculty meetings always began and ended on a spiritual note. Once a week I would gather with teachers and staff at the beginning of the school day to read or listen to some spiritual ideas that we then briefly shared. For the last half hour of the day once a week teachers, staff and students would meet to sing and interpret songs that provided spiritual uplifting for all of our lives. Of course, once a year our school community would sponsor a day of retreat, a day of peace and quiet just to Be with the One who strengthens us."

Sister is proud to say that she has always found it a privilege" to walk through life with others and to help them thank God for their joys and to grow through hard times, reminding folks they are never alone." 

For Sister Michael retirement simply means not having an official title and rigid schedule. It does mean, however, continuing to journey with those around her and lending a helping hand wherever she can. For example, she still meets regularly with her former teachers and willingly offers spiritual tidbits for their daily consumption, she tutors a group of kindergarteners and spends time sharing with her colleagues where they now find themselves on life's journey. She remains in contact with former students be they deployed in military service or saying a few words at their weddings or at wakes/funerals of their family members.

So, if you happen to be in West Sacramento on any given day and could use a quick picker-upper, why not contact Sr. Michael?  Who knows if she might not just invite you along when she visits local widowers for a cup of joe and engages you and them in one of her favorite conversation topics: "God has a reason for everything and will be with us until the end". Just let her know you are coming to be sure she is at home. Contact her at 916 662-1064 or email:  Surely your 'special journey' will begin as soon as you spot her flashing smile. 


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