An Easter Blessing From Our DHS Family To Yours


Easter LillyCenturies ago, St. Augustine of Hippo said that we Christians
                  " are Easter people  and  “Alleluia” is our song.
Let us sing “Alleluia” here and now in this life,
       even though we are oppressed by various worries, so that  we may sing
      it one day in the world to come when we are set free from all anxiety.”

On the Sunday after the death of Jesus, Mary Magdalen and a few other women went to the tomb to find that the stone had been rolled away and the burial cloths were lying there

The first reaction was one of fear and dismay as the body of their great friend and master had been taken away.  But fear was dispelled by the words of an angel. Jesus then appeared to Mary Magdalen, who ran back to the gathered disciples bursting with the news that Jesus had indeed risen! Mary fully embraced the good news of the Resurrection rather than allow fear to take hold.

Today it is easy for us to let the gloominess throughout our world overwhelm us, to dictate how we live our lives. Every one of us falls into this gloomy attitude at some time. The question is how do we deal with it. Do we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed, or do we, like Mary Magdalen so long ago, embrace the joy and reality of the Resurrection? She was able to do this because of her deep faith and loving relationship with Jesus and with his message.

As we celebrate Easter, we are invited to this same kind of relationship; we are invited to choose joy over gloom, to choose the perspective of love over despair, to see with the eyes of Jesus Christ. This means that by the example of our lives, what we say and do, and how we say and do it, we bring the joy of the Resurrection to others. We become “Easter People” bringing the message of hope and of God’s love to others, being a shining bright light to our world.

Let us therefore sing our ALLELUIA  and be EASTER PEOPLE!


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