DHS in Quest of ‘Life To The Full’ For Immigrants


protesters“Keep families together.”  “We are all immigrants.”  “I.C.E.: Let them stay.” “Not one more deportation! ICE is the problem. Stop ICE.”  “Just like you! This family belongs together In the USA” 

These are some of the statements noted on many posters carried by caring, supportive persons of all ages, races and creeds on February 9, 2018 as they rallied against deportation in our state capital. It is obvious, however, that there are individuals and/or organizations that do not care, e.g. the agency named I.C.E.  [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. Thus the rally and an attempt to penetrate to the core of this and other such organizations that reason only within the limited parameters of heartless and not necessarily humane guidelines.

protestersEvents such as this one are happening too often—families being torn apart - hard working, honest, law-abiding immigrants are being singled out for deportation.

On this particular day we gathered in support of one couple to be deported. What crime? NONE. They have been in this country for over 15 years, have established a good business and are well loved in their community. They have two children. What will become of them? The children are American citizens. What will actually happen to this couple once taken by I.C.E.? Will they be separated when taken to the detention center? Will they be allowed to see one another? What will happen to them once they are returned to their native country? Prison????

protestersSo many questions about deportation. But the major one is WHY.
On that February day Connie Knowles, DHS Associate and Sr. Michèle Bisaillon, DHS went to the Federal Building on Main Street in Hartford to join others in support of this family and to protest deportation of law abiding persons. Public officials ,such as Senator Richard Blumenthal, were among the speakers in support of this family and against such unfair, unjust and inhumane practices.

posterWe hope sincerely that our presence at this event made some kind of difference for the good of this couple and for that of others in the future. For us, members of the spiritual family of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, being present at such events, making phone calls to our government officials and encouraging others to do the same and praying for those  personally involved in such issues are small ways of living out our mission towards those in need and of assuring that as many persons as possible “have life and have it to the full. (Mission Statement DHS USA Province)

For more information on this topic feel free to contact Sr. Michèle (dhsjoy@live.com) or Connie Knowles (connik@cox.net). You may also spend some time meditating on the Gospel of Matthew chapter 25 that reminds us of Jesus´expectations of his disciples, us, in today’s world.






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