The heat is on….

The heat was on---and it wasn’t just the 90+ temperatures outside on Saturday June 30th and Monday July 2nd. Those gathered in West Hartford on Saturday and Hartford on Monday were fired up. Men, women, and children of all ages and cultures joined together in protest of recent events at our country’s border in Mexico. Many questioned how can this happen? How can children be taken
away from their mothers and fathers and not know if they will be reunited and where to find them???

The whole immigration issue seems to be getting out of control. As one sign in Hartford read: “No one is illegal on stolen land.” Think of that!

The cry is for humane treatment of immigrants. There is no reason to separate or break up families. They have suffered enough. One rally cry was: “No hate, ne fear; immigrants are welcome here.”

On Saturday there were many young families present in support of keeping the families together. One interesting sign there read: “Rather than a wall, America needs to build a giant mirror to reflect what we’ve become.”; another: "America, where is our heart? Our soul?” D.H.S. ,Daughters of the Holy Spirit, Associates Connie Knowles and Karen Morin and Sr. Michèle Bisaillon  DHS,attended the rally in West Hartford. On Monday Sr. Michèle and our visiting Nigerian Sister Anne Okozi attended  the gathering in Hartford. It is a small way in which our DHS Family can be witnesses in support of justice and seekers of peace and non violence. These rallies are all peaceful demonstrations of our right to protest what we find to be unacceptable practices. As we looked out at the crowds on both days we concluded that  this is what democracy looks like.

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