LCWR 2018: in Communion and Grace

The three members of our Province's leadership team have just returned from a very full and enriching week at the LCWR Annual National Assembly in St. Louis, MO. The week was filled with talks, prayer, sharing, and enjoyment. One of the important events of the week was the Assembly's recommitment to LCWR’s 2016 Assembly Resolution against racism which states:

Grounded in our belief that action on behalf of justice is a constitutive element of the Gospel, we, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, affirm the interrelatedness of the justice concerns addressed by our recent assembly resolutions.  Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we commit ourselves to examine the root causes of injustice, particularly racism, and our own complicity as congregations, and to work to effect systemic change as we struggle to establish economic justice, abolish modern-day slavery, ensure immigrant rights, promote nonviolence, and protect Earth and its biosphere.   We pledge prayer, education, and advocacy and commit to using our collective voice, resources, and power in collaboration with others to establish justice which reflects God’s abundant love and desire that all may have life.

Our recommitment to this statement was expressed in action as all the members present joined in a silent march,led by drummers and sign bearers,  to the Old Court House  where the slave Dred Scott had unsuccessfully sued for his freedom in 1846. The Assembly silently gathered on the steps facing the Gateway Arch overlooking the Mississippi River. We stood in silence behind signs which read  “Being in Communion Standing against Racism.”
The pregnant silence was broken by the unified  and enthusiastic singing of "We stand in communion, we stand in grace.  We stand in communion with the human race."

LCWR Demonstration

LCWR Demonstration

Sister Marian St. Marie, our Province historian and team member, expressed how this event touched her to the core. She will be more than happy to share more information about this special moment if anyone wishes to contact her at You may also find information on the LCWR and Global Sisters Report websites.

What a powerful transformation we could execute, if we all took the pledge to heart and incorporated the suggested actions into our daily lives!



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