Stepping into Art at the PH

A couple weeks ago Sr. Clémence Croteau stopped by the Development Office to announce that their Arts & Crafts group was going to learn how to paint flowers. 

Today, Sr. Clémence returned with her masterpiece in hand to share her first experience of painting without the use of a brush. The product: a beautiful flower fit to suit the fancy of the most distinguished lover of art.

Conversation ensued about the how's and techniques involved in this project, and the art "teacher" Lea Rzeznikiewicz, was invited to explain the process from her perspective.

Sisters with picture Sister decorating

Lea, who has worked for the Daughters for 30 years mainly as a CNA but also at present as the Provincial House's key Activities person offering a plethora of things to do such as massage therapy, shopping trips, cooking/baking sessions, knitting to benefit such groups as St. Jude Children Center, swimming at the YMCA and a large variety of art projects including making book marks for Africa and France, clay art, edible flowers with lots of frosting, simple drawing and providing decorations for the birthday bulletin board on the first floor of the building.

Sisters swimming Sisters with bookmarks

Sister Clémence, nodding with approval as she listened to Lea speak of her experiences with the community at the PH, added that she looks forward to these artistic sessions and to learning so many things. She said with a smile that she often surprises herself when  she succeeds at these projects and then quickly pointed out that Lea is very patient and explains very well and clearly the primary goal of each undertaking. She carefully leads her students through the essential steps and insists that they can do the work. And, adds Clémence, "we do it".

Both women mentioned an international project in which they participate. The 860Rocks project is popular in several countries and involves painting rocks, initializing and identifying them and then placing them all around town where they will be inevitably found. This fun activity encourages personal expression in the decoration of the rock and communication with random people in random places, an opportunity to reach out to the world in the colors of peace and life.

Sisters with cupcakes

Anyone interested in other 'artwork by Lea' may contact her at You will surely enjoy viewing her many works, each with its own interesting story. The photos accompanying this article give a taste of the kinds of works that Sister Clémence speaks of with such deep admiration as a budding artist in her own right.


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