The USA Province’s annual Information Day has always been an opportunity for the Sisters to come to Putnam, to gather and to catch up on the latest happenings among the DHS from one coast to the next.

This year May 4 was special.  Our new administrative office building had just opened for ‘business as usual’, and  Information Day was the inaugural event for 508B Pomfret Street in Putnam.

For many Daughters this was their  first visit to our new center that is most accommodating since it has only one floor, no stairs, a large meeting room and modern yet simple facilities.

The reactions varied from “Wow, this is nice!” to “I never expected this” and again to “What a God send this is for our Province”.

The events of the day were simple consiting of a lovely liturgy celebraated by long-time friend of the DHS Rev. Edward Dempsey.  There were business presentations, group discussions, Q and A and, of coure, tours.

The photos will give you an idea of the facilities and the joy and delight of the participants.

If you should be in the Putnam area and would like to drop in, please do so and know that we would be pleased to share our new Province headquarters with one and all as together we praise the goodness of God for making this place available to us as we continue to strive to follow the Spirit in light and love.