As Daughters of the Holy Spirit, our life beyond ministry is on the whole lived and shared with others as part of a community.

While the basic purpose of the community is to create special bonds among its members, it is also intended to reflect the peace, harmony, support, and creativity that can result when people recognize the presence of the Trinity in others and respect the many differences that each person brings. It is our goal to transform each of our communities, regardless of its size, into a ‘house of charity’ that is open and welcoming to God, our Sisters and all those guided into our lives by the Spirit of Love.

At the heart of each community and of each Daughter is the attitude of prayer that seals our close relationship with God and others. It is the source of daily inspiration and strength as the Sisters, individually or with others, seek the gifts they need to carry out their ministries faithfully and where they present to the Lord the joys, concerns, needs and hopes of the people who surround them in their daily interactions and activities.

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