Our International Family

Our DHS Family around the world has grown over the years due extensively to our ongoing response to historical events and to the evolving needs of mission.

From a simple setting in Brittany, France our Spiritual Family has expanded to 4 continents and 12 countries and has grown in its appreciation of our diversity in cultures and ethnicities and sees them as gifts and opportunities to continue to live the true spirit of Pentecost wherever we are and with whomever we minister as we celebrate our solidarity across all and any borders.

At the present time members of our Spiritual Family may be found in:

  • AFRICA:                        Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Nigeria
  • EUROPE:                      England, Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Holland,
  • NORTH AMERICA:       United States
  • SOUTH AMERICA:       Chile, Peru

Click here for our international web site in three languages and become acquainted with members of our DHS Family across the world.

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