Dear On-Line Friends,

I am always intrigued at the many definitions, interpretations, and implications of the term ‘Development’ in today’s world.

Here, at DHS Putnam Province online our Development Program includes the concepts of growth, advancement, collaboration with others and the Spirit,  goal setting and attaining, in other words, the transformation of vision into REALITY.

We purposely keep our programs, events and reports simple, clear and directed to enhancing lives in one way or another, by our words, our actions and/or the images/photos we offer.  After all, we believe we are here to express our gratitude to God for the graces that fill our daily lives and put us in touch with our many publics, near and far, nationally and internationally, culturally and interculturally as we all come together to pool our multiple resources to help one another live, grow and be truly vibrant and dynamic in favor of all that is good.

Our web pages allow us to share our thoughts, philosophies and profound beliefs.  We appreciate your taking the time to learn more about us and to find ways of becoming involved with our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  Summer is a perfect setting to sit back at the computer and browse through our site and come to a better understanding of our goals and objectives as they weave their way through our on-going Annual drive and Development Program. Please note our Partnership Circle and those we honor through this medium, our Mass Card Program that enables participants to share in a special union with the universal prayer of the Church to remember our deceased loved ones, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., while at the same time, assisting our Sisters in Retirement.

Your input is precious to us, so why not jot down your ideas, comments or send your favorite photos with a brief article for our online news section? Your involvement touches us all in so many ways, at so many levels.  I will look forward to hearing from you at  or 869-928-0891 ext. 148.

May your visit with us prove to be one of this summer’s highlights for you and us.

In the Spirit of Ongoing Communication,

Françoise G. Gauthier, PhD
Françoise G. Gauthier, PhD Director of Development DHS USA