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By general definition the term alumni may be used to refer to any person who attended a specific school and who either completed a full program of studies receiving a diploma or degree from said institution or attended for a shorter period of time without completing the full course.  Thus for Putnam Catholic Academy and Annhurst College, respectively located in Putnam and Woodstock, CT and in operation from 1928-77 and 1941-80, we consider the thousands of students whose names appeared on the schools’ legal registers as our alumni

 Each year in early fall former students gather to renew the special bonds that created durable partnerships that have withstood the test of time and distance.  It is always a unique joy to welcome women and men who have remained loyal to the spirit of their alma maters over the years.  The enthusiasm for the solid Gospel-value baed education they received and the ongoing respect and admiration for the Daughters of the Holy Spirit who administered and staffed the schools never wanes. These reunions are indeed the living proof that what is important to the heart, although at times invisible to the eyes, is everlasting and brings life-long happiness.

So it is that we dedicate our Partnership Circle to our alumni from Annhurst College and Putnam Catholic Academy.  Thank you, one all, for helping us to succeed and constantly motivating us to be and do our very best.  May the Spirit of Wisdom and Love continue to bless each one of our academic families abundantly and forever!

Now sit back and relax and allow yourselves to stroll down memory lane as you enjoy highlights of our 2018 reunions.