While we are very much aware that our DHS Partnership Circle is quite large, events such as our recent physical move after 102 years from 72 Church St. to 508 B Pomfret St. in Putnam, help to drive that point home and to put us in touch with the depth of our gratitude to each and every member of this Circle.

So it is that we salute and thank the hundreds of folks who have been there for us since the beginning of 2019 through our packing, cleaning out and moving to our new location.  Words are never sufficient in moments like these to clearly express our thanks.  So the following kaleidoscope of photos is intended to pay tribute to one and all who have been there and here for us over the years and recently.  Let us rejoice in the strong bonds that hold us together and witness to the solid love and friendship with which the Spirit continues to bless us as members of the spiritual family of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit USA.

May our good and gracious God bless each and everyone who has gifted us in so many ways!